xrWeigh Carousel

Streamline your process!
The xrWeigh Carousel takes the hard work
out of flux weighing, removing a repetitive task
from your laboratory while improving
accuracy and traceability.

Simple Operation
“One touch” operation, just turn it on! Attach flux bottle, set your target
and let the Carousel do the rest
Weigh 30 vials of flux in less than 20 minutes

Easy Clean
Simple flux bottle replacement, easy access for cleaning,
low maintenance

Based on the existing single system architecture, simple modular design,
extensively tested
Ongoing support

The purchase of an XRFS weighing machine is the beginning of a relationship where we provide access to a range of support and technical services to meet your fusion needs

Whether you are new to fusion or an experienced user we have a range of services to increase the productivity and throughput of your application.
  •     Advice on appropriate selection of flux and standards
  •     Organization of Platinum remake processes
  •     Technical advice on difficult fusion issues
  •     On-site support and preventative maintenance programs
Width 750mm
Depth 600mm
Height 420mm
Weight 35 kg
Capacity 30 Vials
Speed > 90 vials per hour

≤ 1mg (speed dependent)

The Complete Solution

We manufacture the world’s most sophisticated
fusion machines. Our range spans from the
sophisticated P2 temperature controlled gas
instrument to the highly reliable, contamination-free
xrFuse range
We are the world’s pre-eminent
manufacturer of flux. We can provide standard
Borate fluxes or custom solutions to meet your specific needs.
We manufacture Labware for all our
fusion instruments in house. We can also
provide a remake service for the transfer
from other Labware designs.

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