Manual/Automatic Presses

We offer a range of manual, power, and automatic hydraulic presses for a variety of laboratory press applications. Our hydraulic press products are ideal for the preparation of solid samples for X-ray fluorescence and spectrochemical analysis and include press accessories.

Striker Manual Hydraulic Presses


Technical Data
Size (H x W x D) mm 400 x 360 x 300
Width between pistons 150mm
Min./ Max. clear height 10mm/115mm
Display/ solution Analogue, 0.25T
Spindle diameter 35mm
Max. spindle way 100mm
Cylindrical diameter/ Max. lifting Max. lifting 105mm/ 25mm
Net weight 42kg (93 lbs)


Technical Data
Size (H x W x D) mm 400 x 360 x 300
Width between pistons 150mm
Min./ Max. clear height 125mm/130mm
Display/ solution Analogue, 0.5T
Spindle diameter 45mm
Max. spindle way 105mm
Cylindrical diameter/ Max. lifting Max. lifting 105mm/ 25mm
Net weight 49kg (105 lbs)

Atlas Automatic Hydraulic Presses - 25T, 40T


  •     Programmable microprocessor controlled pressure application and release
  •     Simple user operation procedures via symbols and prompts
  •     Maintain load applied from automatic “top up”
  •     Graphics display with LED backlight control
  •     End of cycle alarm or indication
  •     Integral high clarity PETG safety guards
  •     Fully CE marked
  •     Fully compatible with PREMIER sample preparation accessories
The AtlasTM Auto Presses have a generous working distance of up to 155mm between the pressing faces and are suitable for the preparation of KBr discs for infrared analysis using PREMIER evacuable pellet dies.

They can also be used with the AtlasTM Heated Platens for applications including the preparation of the polymer lm substrates.
The AtlasTM Auto Presses 8T, 15T, 25T & 40T are pro- grammable, microprocessor controlled, power assisted hydraulic presses, operating to 8 Tons, 15 Tons, 25 Tons and 40 Tons respectively.

They have been designed for a wide variety of pressing applications including XRF and IR sample preparation. All presses are fully compatible with PREMIER dies and other sample preparation accessories. They enable the controlled application and release of an applied load, accommodating samples up to 200mm in diameter. The applied load can be maintained inde nitely, or to a spe- ci c time via user programmable functionality.

The graphic display shows the press program status and load conditions providing a digital display of load ap- plied, together with an end of cycle alarm/indicator. The power unit is extremely quiet and operates below 62dB. Fitted with PETG safety guards as standard the AtlasTM Auto Presses are fully CE marked to comply with strict European regulations.

E-APH-2500/ E-APH-4000

The Atlas Auto Presses are simple to use and program via the use of screen symbols and prompts. Options include user selectable languages and load units. The Presses durability are ideal for applications such as X-ray uorescence sample preparation using AtlasTM Series Lightweight Dies
Catalog N. E-APH-2500 E- APH-4000
Max. Piston Load 25 Tons 40 Tons
Top Bolster Diameter 32mm 32mm
Top Lead Screw Vertical Travel 90mm 80mm
Ram (Piston) Bolster Diameter 82mm 82mm
Ram (Piston) Stroke 24mm 38mm
Max/Min Pressing Faces Distance 155mm - 40mm 140mm - 60mm
Sample Area (D X H) 220mm x 155mm 240mm x 220mm
Base Footprint (W x D) 425mm x405mm 430mm x 405mm
Height w/o lead screw 24mm 38mm
Height (lead screw at min. & Max Dis-tance Between pressing faces) 545mm - 640mm 580mm - 660mm
Oil Type Tellus 37 Tellus 37
Oil Reservoir Capacity 0.6 litres 1 litre
Weight 95kg (210lbs) 130kg (287)
Communication Type USB USB
Display units Tons Tons
Hold Times 0.1 to 99 minutes & infinity 0.1 to 99 minutes & infinity
Stored Programs 6 6
Maximum Program Segments 10 10

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